Monthly Archives: January 2020

Stories in the snow

January 25, 2020.
On this nice and sunny day, we went out to find tracks in the snow. We picked the Chemin du Buttereau trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park close to the campground in Cheticamp. And we found lots of snow! Fortunately some of us had snowshoes and broke trail, and our work paid off. We found tracks of snowshoe hare, coyote, bobcat, ruffed grouse, squirrel, deer mouse, shrew, mink, muskrat, and deer. Scat of a bobcat and snowshoe hare. Animal sightings: one ruffed grouse and a couple of squirrels.

Our presenter Erich Muntz not only pointed out tracks that most of us would have walked past without noticing, but he told us his tricks to identify them. Erich showed us a few stories in the snow: 1. a bobcat mother walking with her kitten, 2. a muskrat crawled up a riverbank and was chased back into the water by a mink. 3. coyotes tracks following deer tracks.