YNC Guiding Philosophies

“Observe and Conserve”

Young Naturalists Club Guiding Philosophies:

  • The YNC is an accessible nature club that provides an opportunity for children and their families to learn about Nova Scotia’s natural history and develop observation skills. Important field naturalist’s skills, such as using binoculars, taking field notes, keeping nature journals, and using field guides will be provided to all members
  • The YNC is a place where young people can learn in an informal manner. Some of the most memorable learning experiences for children are ones in which they have discovered something for themselves, rather than being told. Members will also be encouraged to learn from each other, and will come to see that no one person has knowledge of everything. Everyone has things they have yet to learn, and everyone has something they can teach.
  • YNC Chapters will be run by volunteer leaders that engage volunteer guest adult naturalists and scientists to deliver experiential and hands-on engaging presentations and field trips.
  • YNC Chapters will run on a drop in basis, and will be accessible to all members. Every attempt will be made to allow members to participate in all activities despite any financial or other restrictions. These accommodations include, but are not limited to, carpooling, lending resources, and donating clothing or goods.
  • The YNC will run a cost effective and low impact organization. YNC Chapters will be provided with basic naturalist equipment. Rewards and acknowledgement for members will be done in a meaningful way.