Mushroom Identification in the Kentville Ravine (Sept 14th and 21st)

On September 14th and 21st we walked the Kentville Ravine in search of mushrooms. Ken Harrison, a local mushroom expert was scheduled to lead the walk along with the Annapolis Valley Chapter as well on the 14th but he had to postpone it until the following weekend on the 21st. I love searching for mushrooms so much that I kept the original date in addition to Ken’s walk on the 21st. On the 14th there were 14 young naturalists and some parents from the Berwick Chapter in attendance. On the 21st there were 5 additional kids from the Berwick Chapter and around 15 (not sure of the exact number) from the Annapolis Valley Chapter. Nancy Nickerson, a local mycologist joined us as well and Ken and Nancy were both kept busy identifying mushrooms as children darted about collecting all types of fungi. Check out the photos tab for more photos.