Species at Risk Trading Cards

Something new at exciting at the YNC this fall – Species at Risk Trading Cards for the Maritimes! We selected 26 Nova Scotia species at risk and made informative and colourful trading cards for each of them. Each card contains information about the species, the threats that made it rare, and what YOU can do to help with its recovery.

Not only does do the cards raise awareness about imperiled species in the Maritimes, they also raise funds for the work of the Young Naturalists Club.

Full sets of all 26 species are available for $25.

Sets of 5 random cards are available for $5.

Individual cards can be purchased for $1/each.

We have some species’ cards available in French. The cards are also available through the Nature Kids New Brunswick (some different species at risk are found there).

To purchase cards contact the YNC Coordinator, Robin Musselman, at yncns@yncns.ca

Visit our website for a list of all 26 species under the field trip report section: http://naturens.ca/ync/category/photos/


These cards were created with the support of Nature Canada’s NatureHood program, and in partnership with the Nature Kids New Brunswick. Special thanks to Alain Belliveau for expert advice.